One cause that is near and dear to Hank’s heart is helping to honor Veterans.

I was in Vietnam as a front-entertainer, with bullets flying continually.  Making these troops smile – getting their minds off the immediate dangers, if even for a moment or two – gave me such joy.  Then as I’d walk through the hospitals seeing young men who (even if they lived) would never walk again.  This touched me deeply.  How could I help?  SO I decided whenever I’d do  Celebrity Autograph shows around the country, I’d give the proceeds I’d receive to wounded veteran organizations.  To date, I’ve raised over $60,000.

-Hank Garrett

Hank at a Veterans Day Celebration with Michael Gregory, Actor & Veterans Activist; and Congressman Adam Schiff.
Hank with World War II hero Lt Colonel Bob Friend  (fighter pilot with Red Tail Squadron – first all black squadron that escorted American bomber pilot missions), and Chaplan Dov Cohen.


Hank shaking hands with one of female ex-military at Veterans Home and Hospital annual Veterans Day celebration.